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Blue Diamond Detailing is the leading professional in marine boat detailing in the South Florida & the Florida Keys.

We give inside and outside marine detailing and paint correction with our GTechniq protection products .

The Professionals at Blue Diamond make the trip to you or your marina to perform full-service marine boat detailing.

About us

Our trained detailing professionals are passionate about improving the aesthetic appeal of your boat, car, rv, or aircraft and work hard to ensure it looks magnificent from the inside out. They’re extremely skilled in the art of detailing and boat reconditioning and give your marine vessel the time and attention necessary to create a dramatic detailing job that leaves onlookers impressed.

Along with impeccable marine detailing services, our experts specialize in auto detailing and maintenance plans. We come to you on-site, full-service boat wash and detailing. Caring for your boat or vehicle appearance is our number one goal. With our versatile list of services, it is always easy to keep your marine vessel and vehicles looking its best.


These guys did a awesome job. They Nitpick every little thing that was wrong on my boat. They made my boat look like a glass. It’s so easy to maintain and clean the boat now. The boat always looks like a glass finish. I would definitely recommend them to all car and boat owners.
Jorge Suarez

Whenever you want the best quality in product/ service THESE ARE THE GUYS TO CALL!!! They recently put some love into my boat and I can’t stop staring at how shiny and gorgeous my boat now is. It’s your boat do the right thing and call on the best of the best! #TopChef Approved!
Jeremy Ford / Top Chef

Drove 1,300 miles from Dallas to Miami and the truck needed some serious TLC. Scheduled for next day and they showed up with no issues. Did a great job on the wash and priced was as advertised online. Would recommend.
Jeff Cohen

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