Auto Detailing Can Even Benefit Moms

Auto Detailing Can Even Benefit Moms


Moms are always on the move, and with more children means more mess and stress. Anyone can let the crossfire of snacks and dirt build up over time. But, do you really want to worry about your interior getting crumbs, ants, or even stains? Here are a few reasons why you should choose a professional detailing service, rather than just anyone, to do the dirty work.

Detailing Experience

When your car is in the hands of a professional auto detailing company, you don’t have to worry about hard-to-reach places or small crevices. Our professional detailers are trained to handle these things to ensure the best outcome. Along with impeccable detailing services, our experts specialize in auto upholstery and cleaning.

Service and Protection

Professional automotive detailing doesn’t have to break your wallet. Blue Diamond offers several wash packages to give you valuable options – our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

That’s why they even provide home services; they personally visit your doorstep at a convenient time and take your car to their workshop or can also wash the car at your place. And if you intend on eventually selling your car, you can rely on Blue Diamond to fix all the minor problems that ultimately protect you from bearing huge expenses of repairing in the future, like loss of shine due to sun rays, dust or wind.

Stress Relief for Working Moms

There are many ways that moms save money, and auto-detailing can be one of them. If a working mom is preoccupied and stressed, chances are she is also handling a defiant toddler every minute of her day. Mighty Mommy doesn’t need to stress about the long-term issue of the cleanliness of her car. The more you use Blue Diamond’s services, the more rewards you will get. So Moms who detail their cars are less stressed throughout the year.

For residents in Kendall and other select regions in South Florida, Blue Diamond offers a VIP prepaid package of 4 washes a month for $140*. You can dust and vacuum the interior to keep it looking great, but our professional details can take interior car care to the next level and ensure an impeccable vehicle.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

It is recommended that our vehicle-detailing service is used three times per year to keep your car looking its best.

This means that moms can keep focusing on what’s important, instead of the crumbs and smells collecting in the backseat. Blue Diamond will even clean the carpets and hard surfaces like dashboards, door panels, etc. with a scrubber in order to remove dust and stains.

Once you experience our first-class auto-detailing Miami at our surprisingly reasonable prices, you will never feel like handing over your precious car to any other detailer in town!


*Prices vary ($140-$180) by location, to confirm your price call us at the office (786) 865-5888 or call us direct (786) 499-9941.

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