Blue Diamond Detailing now offering System X Ceramic Coating

Blue Diamond Detailing now offering System X Ceramic Coating


System X provides the automotive, aerospace and marine industries with next-generation ceramic technologies, which are used to protect vehicles and surfaces globally.  Introduced in 2010 to the world of ceramic coatings, it has become the industry-leading coating that professionals trust to deliver the most cutting edge solutions!


System X adds an extremely durable color enhancing high gloss, which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, wheels and gel coat.  System X PRO is a permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your paintwork.  By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or polymer paint sealant.


Why System X Ceramic Paint Coatings?

Car Paint Protection From Environmental Elements

System X Ceramic Paint Coatings create a barrier that will provide protection against everyday elements that otherwise would cause damage. Protection against sand, salt, bugs, moisture, UV rays (from the sun) and other pollutants are just some of the elements that System X Ceramic Paint Coatings can help protect. It adds a firm protective layer to the paint of your car meaning that the paint on your motor vehicle is more resistant to things that may fly up from the road and cause scratches – invaluable when you think what the average cost of a small scratch repair may be.

Long-Lasting Car Paint Protection

You want your paint to look great for as long as possible. System X Ceramic Paint Coatings are just the answer – all with minimal maintenance. System X Ceramic Paint Coatings will not only protect your paint but consistently provide a high gloss and shine that will last year after year.

Interior Protection

System X car protection products are designed for both your vehicle’s exterior as well as the interior. Aside from your vehicle’s paint, System X products can protect a variety of metals, interior fabrics, carpet as well as automotive glass. It works on all carpets, types of vinyl and fabrics and helps protect the inside of your car from UV damage or any accidental spillages. Again the unique hydrophobic formula means that anything that hits the interior of your car will not be absorbed into the material, keeping your pride and joy looking in tip-top condition. Once applied to the interior of your vehicle the System X interior coating is touch dry in 20 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours, it leaves no odors and doesn’t change the appearance of the materials in your car. Peace of mind for those with children or four-legged friends.

Glass & Headlamp Protection Too

The System X glass coating can protect windows and headlamps from micro-scratches and help clear rain at a faster rate than other popular brands like Rain X or Rainaway, helping you stay safer on the roads. Not only that but the System X glass coating makes it easier to clear bugs in Summer and de-ice in winter and has exceptionally low smear characteristics, saving you money on other market cleaners that are nowhere near as effective.

Car Paint Protection From The Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Here in Connecticut, we get some extreme weather – this includes simmering sunny days. If your car is left out in the harsh heat, your paint can sustain sun damage. System X Ceramic Car Paint Protection offers the highest quality in car paint protection to prevent sun damage and fading.

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