Blue Diamond Package – Update

Blue Diamond Package – Update


Blue Diamond Package

Blue Diamond Detailing is adding one year of ceramic coating protection to the Blue Diamond Package – at no additional cost.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Blue Diamond’s Ceramic Coating is a very durable clear sealant that gets into the molecular pores of the boat’s or car’s paint and forms a strong molecular bond. During the paint correction process, ceramic pro paint coatings are applied. This technique removes a safe amount of the paint or clear coat to diminish scratches, webbing, or hologram marks, buffer marks, etc. from the vehicle’s exterior. This makes the surface well guarded against water droppings, bird droppings, scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. The final result leaves the car or boat looking brand new for a long time while retaining a new gloss. 

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Why Does It Benefit?

Ceramic Coating benefits car owners because of how long-lasting the protection is. Blue Diamond’s Ceramic Coating is definitely a better option than taking your precious possession through machine drive-thru washes, but how does it match up to other options? We will compare the difference between Blue Diamond’s Coating versus other popular options.

VS Buffing

The process of buffing your car can actually cause damages. Hand buffing is simple; it applies a mild polishing compound via a rag to remove paint from a small area. This technique levels out the paint surface around a minor scratch to make it disappear. This removes major damage quickly, but it can very easily damage the paint.

VS Waxing

Nano-coatings require a professionally trained technician who has to do a significant amount of prep and paint correction in order for the ceramic pro coating to be utilized at its maximum potential. So a benefit of waxing is its ease of use, so almost anyone can do it, including you. However the longevity of waxing is inferior to ceramic pro coating, so waxing applications must be applied more often. The general rule of thumb is to apply hard wax your vehicle every three months while using spray wax in-between to maintain protection and shine.

VS Hand Washing

Hand washing your vehicle is much better than taking it through an automated car wash, however then the matter of importance becomes how often are you cleaning your cleaning materials? Make sure the rag you use is clean every time. It is important to properly maintain your vehicle, even after getting coating protection. However, one only needs to look up on Youtube how easy it is for people to wash their cars after applying the ceramic coating, sometimes no soap is even required! That’s top-quality protection, for a long time. (Pro-tip: Don’t use brushes.)

VS Machine Drive-Thru Wash

There is no argument that says machine washing is better than any of the previous options above. If this surprises you, just ask someone who works at one of those gas station car washes just how often do they really clean those giant bristles that roll incessantly over your vehicle. The answer? Hardly ever, if at all. This means that those bristles are actually more of a cause of damage than creating protection from it. If you ever drive out of those automated car washes and find small scuffs or scratches, you will know better next time that it is more cost-effective to protect your car properly.

How long does Ceramic Coating last?

The Blue Diamond Package already includes interior and exterior auto detailing, plus one stage color correction and polish. Now, Blue Diamond is including 1 free application of the ceramic coating. Ceramic Coating offers protection for up to 2 years, 5 years, and even lifetime protection. Call to inquire about our packages and find out what is right for you. Now, Blue Diamond is including one year of Ceramic Coating for free with the purchase of a Blue Diamond package. Maintenance washes are necessary to maintain the quality of ceramic coating protection.

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Available Packages 

Each package includes a snow foam bath, exterior & interior car care, and detailing for the front of all wheels and rims. Click here to see our full list of packages with descriptions.

Blue Diamond Package

The Blue Diamond Package comes with full interior/exterior detailing, with one stage polish. We are now including one full year of ceramic pro coating protection for those who purchase the Blue Diamond Package.
Click here for the package description.

If it excites you that we are adding one year of ceramic coating protection – at no additional cost, then call us right away to make your appointment. With ceramic coating, maintenance is absolutely necessary. Blue Diamond can even schedule your future maintenance washes so that you can drive stress-free year-round. 

We recommend having at least 1-2 monthly washes to maintain the quality of Blue Diamond’s ceramic coating. Please call with your questions!

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