Restoration Destination to Guard Car Paint for Longevity!

What we do is completely lined up for protecting your investment and the get the best of your car. Blue Diamond is a carefully selected team of professionals, highly specialized in ceramic car coating Key Largo on all vehicle surfaces, wheels, interiors, convertible tops and more. We have years of experience in high-level paint restoration of car that stunned you with its outcome when you received your car which look like a brand new.

Why Consider Ceramic Coating for Your Expensive Car?

Why not, if you are seeking something for the sake of your expensive car that can keep it shine last longer; you should definitely go for ceramic coating in Key Largo because:

  • Protect your vehicle exterior and interior from deteriorating for longer.
  • Increase the resale value of your car
  • Your car will look just got polished every wash
  • Eliminate the daily basis maintenance
  • Ceramic is known for 9h hardness which forms a shell and protects paints
  • Protection from atmospheric effects like bird droppings and fading from the hot Florida sun.

Coating Is Much Better Than Leaving It All Fading!