Cryo Detailing



It is a method of cleaning large industrial equipment or vehicles where dirt and grime may not easily, if at all, be penetrated with traditional soap and water. High pressure hoses can be used with tiny, extremely cold ice pellets to remove build up from the undercarriage of cars and trucks for example. It is safe on rubber and metal surface and is not abrasive the way sandblasting is. When you think of the word cryo generally people think of freezing and extremely low temperatures but not immediately thought to be a way to clean things. After all, the temperature in your dishwasher is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The development of this method of cleaning dates back to 1947 when the first dry-ice technology was patented. (U.S. Patent 2,421,753) It has been further developed over decades of experimentation and the creation of innovative uses.


Aerospace and automotive industries find dry ice blasting useful to remove common residue left behind from long term wear of equipment and transport vehicles. The chemicals in the air and on the ground can harden or thicken over time and create a layer of these remnants. If left in maintenance it can ruin the original surface and even wear through metal the way that road salt eats away at a car’s paint job.

Cryo detail equipment includes but is not limited to either a single or double hose with a nozzle designed for spraying with precision. The machine the hose is attached to is a high powered device that creates and pushes out the compressed ice pellets designed to penetrate chemical build up. The pellets dissipate on contact. The force comes from compressed air that can be adjusted with the jet blast device system depending on how delicate a surface is and whether the surface has intricate parts to consider during the cleaning process.

Dry ice blasting is another term for this technology and is actually a smarter way to clean equipment because there are no additional chemicals and excess water needed to treat surfaces. You are already removing things like cosmoline, rust residue, oil and grime, and road debris so more chemical additives require that much more cleanup and create further pollution in the environment. For the past 30 years or so dry ice blasting has also been used for restoration of fire damaged equipment and grease spills such as with ovens, fryers and similar larger metallic appliances. Needless to say, the food service industry finds this service invaluable as well to preserve their investments.

On the consumer level, many people restore cars all over the country. In Florida, it is a very popular activity and businesses that provide detailing services can thrive. You can search cryo detail miami or cryo detailing miami to find reputable places that do a great job. Blue Diamond Detailing is a trusted source and pops up in your initial search for cryo detailing miami or cryo detail miami. When preserving or restoring a vehicle to as near original condition as possible the service this place provides is monumental. The before and after photos or engines and other intricate car parts are amazingly impressive.

Blue Diamond Detailing services race cars. High speeds and high temperatures on the track can really create a mess on a car over a short period of time so drivers can utilize cryo detailing service on parts under the hood and on the exterior surfaces to keep the cars running at a maximum. The suspension system, steering and braking systems are critical to safety and have to be maintenanced often. Obviously, the engine itself is a key component that works hard and can frequently require a good dry ice blast to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. An excellent source for visual evidence of how this service works can be found at

Motorsports are popular and Blue Diamond Detailing does a great job for its customers in the area. Being that the company restores and buys vehicles, they have quite a few gems for sale. Knowing that a car is coming from a business that specializes in restorative services and automotive parts in general, you can rest assured that they will sell you a quality piece of machinery that has been well cared for. The quality speaks for itself. As Professionals at Blue Diamond Detailing we take pride in our work and it shows from the moment you arrive. Prompt and friendly service takes precedent when a first impression is needed to build a promising relationship with you.

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