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Boat Marine Detailing Miami, FL

Blue Diamond Detailing is the leading professional in marine detailing. We make the trip to your marina to perform full-service marine boat detailing. We give inside and outside marine detailing and also paint correction with our Ceramic Pro paint protection service for every single marine vessel.

For the best results and upkeep, regular marine detailing is important to broaden the life of your marine vessel. Saltwater, green growth and barnacles all add to paint harm. Keeping your vessel perfect and free of debris will help avoid further harm.

For the best protection, we profoundly recommend securing the protection of your vessel with Ceramic Pro Marine paint protection.

It’s an ultra-strong paint covering that ensures and drags out the life of the paint. The final result is a hydrophobic coat that counteracts barnacles, green growth and different trash from adhering to the watercraft’s surface. Ceramic Pro Marine helps keep the paint looking spotless and sparkling.

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Types of marine vessels we work on:

Fishing boats
Bass Boats
Bowrider boats
Catamaran boats
Cuddy cabin boats
Centre console boats
Dinghy boats
House boats

Commercial boats
Trawler boats
Cruise boats
Personal watercraft boats
Runabout boats
Jet boats
Ski boats
Deck boats

Marine Black

All fiberglass cleaned of salt and algae growth


  • Foam wash & dry of boat and trailer
  • Light Polish to remove light oxidation
  • 6 month+ Marine Paste Wax

Marine Blue

Includes Marine Black Package PLUS:


  • Foam wash & dry of boat and trailer
  • Light Compound & Polish
  • 1 Year Sealant
  • Outdrive cleaned & wax
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Interior cubbies cleaned
  • Metal/Chrome Polishing

Marine Gold

Includes Marine Blaue Package PLUS:


  • Foam wash & dry of boat and trailer
  • Heavy Compound & Polish
  • 2 Year Sealant
  • Outdrive polished, cleaned & wax
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Interior cubbies cleaned
  • Metal/Chrome Polishing
  • Carpet cleaned & extracted

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