Mobile Car Detailer — We Travel to You! | Blue Diamond Auto Detailing

Mobile Car Detailer — We Travel to You! | Blue Diamond Auto Detailing


Blue Diamond Detailing is a traveling car wash service that offers full auto detailing services, including ceramic car coating.

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Blue Diamond is proud to service Miami-Dade county and Broward. Call to find out if we’re in your area! We service Parkland, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Sunrise, Tamarac, Davie, Southwest Ranches, and surrounding cities.

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Your car or vehicle can still benefit from auto detailing. Click to learn Benefits of Auto Detailing.

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Machine Car Wash VS Auto Detailing

Professional car washes differ from drive-thru automated machine washes for many reasons. Read on to understand why those cheap automated washes may be doing more harm than good.

1. Machine Washes Can Damage Paint

Those large bristles can sometimes scratch or dent your car, and they are also almost never cleaned between uses. A drive-thru car wash is more likely to cause damage than to leave a noticeable shine or a permanent gloss.

2. Automated Car Washes Are Never Cleaned

“It’s like painting your car with a wet sandblaster,” according to Paul Lamberty, who is responsible for “all automotive OEM and refinish coatings research and development within North America” for BASF, a top-tier supplier to the automotive industry. But the problem isn’t really the bristles, he noted. So it doesn’t matter whether or not your car wash was “brushless,” if it used bristles, or if it used giant floppy foamy things to gracefully slop away dirt. See Michael Ballaban’s full article Here’s Why You Should Never Take Your Car To A Carwash.

3. Your Car Is At The Mercy Of The Person Before You

The problem is all of the other cars and the stuff that clings to them from driving all day. If the car before yours went on a dirt road, for instance, it pulls into the carwash covered in mud and sand (which is mostly made up of small bits of rock, including granite, which is extremely hard and abrasive). The grit sticks onto the cleaning apparatus of the car wash, which after a while can start to almost be like sandpaper.

With the high speed of the cleaning machines and the high pressure of the water, all that dirt and grit is rubbed along the surface of your car on its way off the body. And with it, can come a little bit of your paint.

Eventually, your car could end up with what’s called a “spiderweb scratch,” which basically looks how it sounds.

spider web car scratches

Avoid spider web scratches on your car by calling professionals.

Better Car Wash Alternatives

Hands down, the best care for your car comes with professional hand washing. If you invested a pretty penny in your car, then there’s no use in degrading the quality of your vehicle with excessive machine washes. Investing in full auto detailing once a year can mean the difference between 10 years build-up of “spiderweb scratches” and a car that still looks like it came straight from the manufacturer.

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Ceramic Car Coating

For top protection of your vehicle, we recommend ceramic car coating. This is an additional protective coating for your car’s original paint that can be applied once a year or more often. You have complete control over how often you schedule care for your car, and Blue Diamond offers scheduled packages so you can get automotive detailing at any frequency throughout the year! Ceramic Car Coating is the best possible protection you can have for your vehicle.

Ceramic car coating can be applied to sedans, coupes, SUV, trucks, pick ups, and RV’s.

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Learn More: Ceramic Car Coating

Because ceramic coating for your car is long-lasting, it means that hand washing your car throughout the year is much easier. Debris and dirt literally slide right off your vehicle’s surface. So you can invest in one ceramic coating a year, and it means easier washes year round. The end result cannot be compared to simply buffing or waxing a vehicle. See Ceramic Coating Comparisons.

Ceramic Marine Coating

Blue Diamond Detailing is proud to offer not only mobile auto detailing for all types of vehicles, but also for boats of any size! Call today to schedule a detailer to visit your boat’s marina.

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See Nautical Mobile Boat Detailing

View Types of Marine Vessels We Work On


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